Conference Programme
Tunnelling and Underground Construction Society (Singapore)


The papers will be presented under the following technical sessions:

 27th September 2018

Welcome Speech (09:00-09:15)

Dr Jeyatharan Kumarasamy

Chairman, Underground Singapore 2018 and TUCSS President


Conference Opening Speech

Prof Yong Kwet Yew

Professor of Civil Engineering and Senior Vice President (Campus Infrastructure), NUS

Chairman, International Panel of Advisors, LTA


Session 1-1: Large Tunnels and Innovations in TBM Technology (09:15-10:30)

Session Chair: Mr Leslie Pakianathan, Project Director, Changi Airport Group


1-1-1 Linkway Construction Underneath Existing MRT Tunnels by Open Faced Rectangular Shield for Marina Bay Station
K. Hashida, T. Watanabe*, H. Tada, T.S. Chua, M. Lew, R.S. Nair


1-1-2 Variable Density TBMs – International Experiences and Applications
H.W. Ng, R. Duhme*, M. Straesser


1-1-3 Successful use of a Mega TBM in an urban environment - Waterview Connection
T.J. Ireland*, S.F. Chau, S. Eratne


1-1-4 Innovative and State of the ART TBM technology for upcoming Singapore Tunnel Projects
A. Raedle*, J.D. Brabant*, A. Myint


Tea Break (10:30-11:00)


Session 1-2: Tunnelling Through Challenging Ground Conditions (11:00-12:30)

Session Chair: Mr Nick Shirlaw, Senior Consultant, Golder Associates (HK) Limited


1-2-1 Ground Freezing for the Design and Construction of SCL Tunnels underneath Marina Bay Station, Singapore
T.S. Chua, M. Lew*, K. Hashida, H. Tada*, S. Takeda, S. Marican, R.S. Nair


1-2-2 Use of High Density Slurry for Shallow Tunnelling in Thomson East Coast Line
H. Bernard, M.K. Lau, M. Senthilkumar, Y.S. Sze*, M. Marotta, G T. Senthilnath


1-2-3 Overcoming Challenges in Tunnelling through Varying Rock Conditions in Singapore
M.M. Sahabdeen*, C.N. Ow


1-2-4 Large Dimension Two-Arched SCL Tunnel Design And Construction In Mixed Ground Condition
A. Yang*, A.E. Alijono, N.H. Nick, K. Elod, S.E. Jeon, S. Kwon, L.P. Tan, C.M. Chua, J. Oh


1-2-5 A Study of TBM Borability under Marine Clay with Cementitious Ground Improvement

K. Kameyama*, N. Murakawa, J. Nithiananthan


Lunch (12:30-13:30)


Session 1-3: Design of Tunnel Lining (13:30-15:00)

Session Chair: Mr Nick Osborne, Divisional Director, Mott MacDonald


1-3-1 Innovation in Bored Tunnel Segmental Lining Design in Singapore – Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)
M. McGowan, S. L. Suhaendi*, P. Fok, R. Venkta


1-3-2 Design consideration and Application of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) in Singapore MRT Tunnels
X. Wei*, T. Su, K.H. Goh


1-3-3 Design of Bored Tunnel in Deep Rock Mass for Urban Area
Y.Z. Lee*, C.W. Leong


1-3-4 Challenges and Design Strategies of Bored Tunnels in Consolidating Soft Clays under Future Surcharge
Y.C. Liew*, Gerardo. P, C. Setjadiningrat, N. Mace, C. Veeresh


1-3-5 State Assessment of Underground Infrastructure
F. Amberg*, A. Ackermann, F. Modetta, O. Schneider


Tea Break (15:00-15:30)


Session 1-4: Geotechnical Investigations (15:30-17:00)

Session Chair: Prof Leung Chun Fai, Professor of Civil Engineering, NUS


1-4-1 Drained strength of Residual Soils in Bukit Timah Granite
K.S. Wong*, P.L. Teo, P. Teo, B. Lung


1-4-2 A Review of the Variability of the Strength and Abrasivity of the Rocks of the Jurong Group and Tebak Formation

J.N. Shirlaw*, L.J. Pakianathan, J. Kumarasamy


1-4-3 Planning and Execution of Horizontal Directional Coring Method for Future Tunnelling Works
C. Veeresh*, F. Mahony, K.H. Goh, J.G. Cai


1-4-4 Triple-Arched Mined Tunnels. Comparison of Geological Models during the Detail Design and the Face Mapping during Construction
M. Charisi*, A. Green


1-4-5 Innovative Automatic Road Monitoring System (ARMS) for Settlement Monitoring of an Expressway Road Surface
C.H. See*, D.K.W. Chow, K.S. Ho


*The presenter for the paper.

The above programme is subject to change (revised as of 31 August 2018)


28th September 2018

Session 2-1: Tunnelling and Lessons Learnt (09:00-10:30)

Session Chair: Dr Oskar Sigl, Managing Director, Geoconsult Asia Singapore


2-1-1 Large Diameter Pipe Roof Tunnel Excavation
F. S. Badurdeen, E. H. Oguz*


2-1-2 Tunnelling in Bukit Timah Granite Formation in Contract T206 of Thomson East Coast Line of Singapore
A. Jadhav*


2-1-3 Design of Temporary Embedded Retaining Walls for Gardens by the Bay Station
S.S. Soh*, J. Pang, J. Shen, Y. Yoshida, S. Chandrasegaran, S.T. Chong


2-1-4 Lessons Learnt in Tunnelling in Contract C929a of Downtown Line 3, Singapore
C.N. Ow, R. Nair, M. Shelke*, A. Jadhav


2-1-5 Construction of a 170m Long Cripple Sided Tunnel Using Variable Geometry Hydraulic Formwork in DTL 3, C927
M. Mohiadeen*, M. Marotta


Tea Break (10:30-11:00)


Session 2-2: Tunnelling Key Performance Indicators (11:00-12:30)

Session Chair: Prof Markus Thewes, Head of the Institute for Construction Technology, Tunnelling and Construction Management, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany


2-2-1 Excavation Management of Slurry TBMs – Long Term Operational Accuracy Evaluation
R. Duhme*, E. Kleine


2-2-2 Theory and Application of Excavation Management System for Slurry TBM in Singapore
T.C. Yee*, M. Marotta, C.N. Ow


2-2-3 Excavation Management System for Slurry TBM in Thomson East Coast Line: Practical Applications and Case Studies
A. Catalan, M.K. Dinesh*, S.A. Nugraha, S. Lau, D. Lau


2-2-4 Ground Improvement for Bored Tunnel in Reclaimed Land
Y. Yoshida*, N. Janagan, S.S. Soh


2-2-5 Deep Excavations with Ground Improvement – A Study Using Statistics and Back Analysis from a Monitored Excavation
G.A. Pittaro*, G. Murphy


Lunch (12:30-13:30)


Session 2-3: Deep Excavation Challenges (13:30-15:00)

Session Chair: Dr Goh Kok Hun, Director, Civil Design & Land, Land Transport Authority


2-3-1 Design and Construction of a Three Sided ERSS Wall for Launch Shaft
E.K.H. Lim*, I. Yogarajah, T.G. Ng, S.H. Lim, K. Uchida


2-3-2 Impact of Construction Issues on the initial Geotechnical Design Intent for an Underground Multilevel Rail Depot
W.T. Lai*, Q.Y. Ye, C. Veeresh


2-3-3 Settlements of Soils of Bukit Timah Granite Formation due to Underdrainage during Deep Excavation
V. Sanathanan*, J. Kumarasamy, M. Ruddock, B.G. Teoh


2-3-4 Open Cut Excavation in Singapore – Site Investigations and Design
M. Angeles*, M. McGowan


Tea Break (15:00-15:30)


Session 2-4: Tunnelling and Excavation Effects on Adjacent Buildings and Structures (15:30-17:00)

Session Chair: Ms Jee Yi Yng, Executive Director, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd


2-4-1 Simplified Procedure for Assessing Effect of Over-Crossing TBMs on Existing Tunnels
G T. Senthilnath*


2-4-2 T212 - Upper Thomson Station & Associated Tunnels (Undercrossing existing live CCL tunnels)
S.Q. Lim*, S.J. Chen, M. Marotta, K.S. Ho


2-4-3 Numerical Modelling of NATM and Underpinning Works underneath an Existing Underground MRT Station
N.H. Osborne, S. Ashokvardhan, C.K. Toh, A. Yang, C.L. Liew*


2-4-4 Impact Assessment of the Construction of MRT Cut and Cover Tunnel on Existing DTSS Tunnel
W.T. Lai*, F.X. Liu, Q.Y. Ye, C. Veeresh


*The presenter for the paper.

The above programme is subject to change (revised as of 31 August 2018)